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This wiki is dedicated to our current campaign set in the world of Eberron. The year is 1000YK, four years after the end of the Last War. Tensions are still high between the Thronehold Nations, military posturing is a powerful political tool, and the rising influence of the monstrous nation of Droaam is a challenge to the dominance of the other, “civilized” nations of Khorvaire. This is an age of upheaval and change, where a man may risk it all and rise to wealth, fame, and power, or fall to insignificance, ignominy, even death. Amidst the conflicts of nations and ambitions of an entire continent, an unlikely chain of events in Khorvaire’s most populous city leads to a rag-tag group’s possession of a powerful artifact. Do they have what it takes to oppose the powerful factions of the world and make their own mark?

Adventure is waiting… See what Eberron has to offer!

Exploring Eberron

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