M19 sharnsideview 400 Mystery, Excitement, Adventurer, Questionable sausages—All these and more can be found in the illustrious city of Sharn. The largest city in Breland – in fact, the largest in the whole of Khorvaire, Sharn lies on a conjunction of leylines which manifests an area naturally in tune with the elemental forces of air. Utilizing this affinity, builders and magewrights have been able to sculpt the city into a sight to behold. Dozens of massive interconnected towers rise to dizzying heights, thousands of feet into the air, giving Sharn the nickname, “City of Towers.” Floating above even the highest tower is the Skyway, an artificial island kept aloft by powerful wards and enchantments. None of this astounding architecture would be possible without the buttressing of power magic and the maintenance of a legion of dedicated mages.

Due to its unique construction, Sharn is a highly stratified city, both horizontally and vertically. Vertically, the city id divided into a series of Wards, with each ward consisting of a number of horizontally delineated districts. The tapering towers and manicured hanging gardens of the Upper Wards are home to wealthy noble families, rich merchants, and expensive boutiques. As one descends downwards into the city, towers become thicker, construction is of an old, utilitarian bent, and the upper portions of the city begin closing off light from above. By the time one reaches the Lower Wards, one finds a maze of interconnected, unkempt streets running in and about massive tower bases with only the barest amount of light filtering past the towers reaching high above. Those who live here don’t have the means to reach more hospitable areas above, or prefer just living in the shadowy edges of average life.

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