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This wiki documents the places, people, and occurences during the Age 0f Adventure in Eberron. See below for links to specific areas of interest.

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Prologue: Shady Situations

Notable Places in Khorvaire



Sharn, City of Towers


Our Intrepid Adventurers

Daerün – A reckless decision by a brash barbarian leads to expulsion from his tribe and everything he knows. Humiliated, beaten, driven from his people in the monstrous Graywall Mountains, he wanders through the civilized lands of the Thronehold Nations. A leaf adrift on the winds of fate, he searches for something to redeem himself and bring reconciliation with his tribe.

Signet – A young man with a dark family secret leaves his noble heritage and seeks the remedy to a powerful curse. Generations ago, his ancestor vanquished a being of great evil, but not without a price. Will he succeed in purging his family’s name of evil, or will his tainted heritage overcome him and his descendants?

Finn – Abandoned to city streets by drug-addicted parents, a small girl is brought into the family of a powerful crime syndicate, rising through the ranks with a single-minded devotion. Now a woman, a mistake in crucial family business sends her on a precipitous drop to the bottom of the heap. Now little more than a common thug, she seeks to regain the graces of the only family she’s ever known.

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