Signet Milnesbrook

A young man with a dark family secret leaves his noble heritage and seeks the remedy to a powerful curse.


Hybrid Sorcerer/Bard

Initiative 6 AC 14 Max HP 30
Strength 12
Constitution 13 Fortitude 13 Speed 6
Dexterity 16
Intelligence 11 Reflex 16 P. Insight 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16 Will 16 P. Perception 12

Trained in Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Streetwise.

Uses Dexterity for Sorcerous Power and Reflex for Hybrid Bard.

Feats: Vampiric Heritage, Hybrid Talent – Soul of the Sorcerer (Wild Soul), Sorcerous Blade Channeling, Quick Draw


Several generations back, in the hamlet of Hatheril, Brandis Milnesbrook, became a rather influential figure over it and it’s commerce. Having left the town at the tender age of 14 join the Brelish military, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming a member of the King’s Citadel. With ten years of honorable service to his king and his country, he was commissioned to return to Hatheril to serve as a knight protector of his home and to lead the guard against any attempts from the Aundairians, Thranes, or Dargunnians. With both great strength and charisma, he naturally became a great leader to the township.

Not too long after his appointment as knight protector, a vampire came to the lands around Lake Brey causing Hatheril to fall into panic. Many found their loved ones dead, dying, or worse . . . undead. Brandis knew what he had to do. He gathered a militia of both guard and townspeople and went after the vampire. After defeating the small force of zombies that it had at its command, the vampire was struck down by Brandis with a stake to its heart. Upon his defeat but before his body could dissolve away, he swore a curse on Brandis and his descendants, that one day they would become what they have destroyed . . .

Brandis knew shortly after the vampire’s defeat what it had meant. His thoughts began to drift into the macabre, the sight of blood was stimulating, and he had a slight hesitation to enter through doorways uninvited or to cross running water even though he could without problem. When his son was born and Brandis saw the slightest glint of red in his eyes, there was no further doubt. He and his bloodline was cursed to become vampires.

The changes were slow, but with each new generation there was always more of them. Paler skin, blonding hair, reddening eyes, pronounced canine teeth that could be rescinded at thought, growing urges to drink blood from others, and, eventually, chaotic souls. In this, they found great power through sorcery and have put it to use since. Due to their “condition”, they retreated from society as much as possible, became self-sufficient as best they could, only entering the public eye only when necessary.

With the birth of Signet, they knew something was going to change, due to the color of his hair. It was blond, but only partially, for the ends were crimson. From a young age he was taught at home about sorcery, vampires, and the curse that affects him and his family. He knew early on that he must do something about it, but there was another side to him. He ventured out into town staying to himself mostly, only speaking to the older people who knew the most about his family and the local bard. He learned from the bard quite a few tricks and talents, and soon realized that he could put them to use as a way to focus his sorcery.

As he grew older and learned all that he could, he eventually decided to head to Sharn to try to gain entrance to Morgrave University. Perhaps he could learn what he needed to do to end the curse there? With his family’s blessing and his essentials packed away, he set out for Sharn, ready to begin the adventure of his life.

Signet Milnesbrook

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