• Bartholomew Baas

    Bartholomew Baas

    A short, bulging man of middling years, Baas is the Dean of Summoning Studies at Morgrave University.
  • Captain Johannes Starling

    Captain Johannes Starling

    A strong, ambitious man with a commanding presence, Capt. Starling commands the Sharn City Watch garrison in the rough-and-tumble Precarious warehouse district.
  • Jerald Arbormoor

    Jerald Arbormoor

    This dark-skinned foreigner currently resides near the Dwarf's Piss tavern in Clifftop, where he directs dreamlily distribution for one of Sharn's larger crime families.
  • Mort


    A pudgy, unwashed man of indeterminate years, Mort is best know as landlord of The Red House, a rundown tenement in the slums of Sharn's Fallen district.