Exploring Eberron

A New Day, A New Enemy, A New Friend

Signet's Log - Entry 2

I awoke to the sound of rodents scurrying through the woodwork . Not exactly the wake up call I’d like, but it’s better than being out on the streets or being dead, a smear on the ground . . . which reminds me, I now have to work with this barbarian for our mysterious “employer”. The barbarian apparently decides to go wandering around with our map leaving me without a way to know my way around. Seeing as my only way to be guided around the city was walking out the door, I quickly follow after him and out into the city. He tried reading the map himself but apparently didn’t understand it at all. He hands it to me and I quickly try to discern the map’s contents. Not much luck, considering that even though it was fairly accurate, parts of the city in the lower areas are in massive disrepair. It was about this time when we met HIM.

We happened upon the street vendor while also looking for something to eat. His sausages seemed well enough at first, they seemed to smell and look rather good, but upon consumption I discovered that it wasn’t what it seemed. The barbarian ate his unperturbed, must have a strong constitution. I, on the other hand, found myself running for the closest chamberpot, which to my knowledge was back at Red House, so off I ran. I managed to make it back in time to relieve myself without “stain”. The vendor will pay DEARLY for this! As I was occupied, the barbarian returned with someone sent by our “employer”. She presented herself as Finn and that she was sent to have us to assist her with a task she needed done. As I finished relieving myself, we discussed what this task would involve.

She informed us that she was needing to protect a shipment from being stolen or damaged and that afterwards would need additional assistance in transporting it to it’s destination. She then took us to where the shipment was being kept, a warehouse in the district of Precarious. When we arrived she recognized that that there were people watching the warehouse and they’re probably going to try to steal the shipment. We slip off and discuss a way to put someone on the inside of the warehouse as a way to keep watch on the shipment crate. Somehow I was convinced to put in a crate and be left inside the warehouse. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best thought out plan considering that we didn’t decide on how I was supposed to let them know if something did go down, but I suppose it wasn’t all that necessary considering what happened later that evening.

As I sat in there, watching inside my crate, I heard rustling and eventually saw and heard little creatures scurrying over to where the shipment crate was. Then I saw the orc and realized that it was about to get bad. So I jump out of my crate and shoot the orc with a orb of acid that hit him square in the shoulder and nearly melted his arm off. With a loud bellow of pain it called my companions to come help me, thank Sehanine. After a skirmish with the orc and some goblins, we were able to route them away from the shipment, but not without me taking a fair bit of damage, as in nearly dying. Unfortunately the bellowing had also attracted the attention of the guard, which resulted in me running like the Raven Queen was after me for the next half an hour.

In a stroke of luck, I cross paths with Finn once again, as she apparently made of with the shipment and the guard captain’s horse. We quickly decide that we need to hide the shipment and see about finding the barbarian. We find this storehouse with a grate on the side that I tried to melt away. Then after I make the unfortunate mistake of kicking acid covered grating, Finn pulls the grate out and we push the crate inside. After disguising it with the rest of the crates in this place, I petition Finn into resting for a while, so we sleep till morning.


Ah, the joys of city life :)


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