Exploring Eberron

My First Day in Sharn

Signet's Log - Entry 1

Travel from Hatheril was a bit of a pain, particularly when certain “needs” arose, but I was able to make it to Sharn in fair enough condition. I stumble into the graces of an odd woman who put me up for the night and in turn allowed me to meet her nephew. He is supposedly an influential member of Morgrave’s admissions committee and so I hoped that by making such a fortunate meeting, as odd as it may be, it would put me in a good position to get accepted. Oh, how wrong I was . . . not only did he seem to think I was a assassin, I got arrested by the guards after I gave them a relatively good chase. How I made that jump is beyond me, another perk of the curse perhaps? Somehow I get pulled into a deal with some unknown “employer” and am now stuck doing his/her dirty work in exchange for a better chance to get into the university. That is how I met the barbarian . . . how he and I are going to get along I don’t really know yet. We were sent into the lower wards to await orders to place called Red House in the district of Fallen. Along the way I decided to be rather generous to an old vendor and the girl guide we hired to take us down there. Unfortunately we had to deal with a few ruffians but with a few blasts of my magic and some cleaves from the barbarian’s axe, we made short work of them. Against my better judgment, I decided to go digging through their corpses. Death is a rather fascinating thing at times, but alas, they had nothing worth any value to them. Shortly after we were able to settle down for the night here at the Red House . . . by Sehanine’s bow, what have I gotten myself into?


I forgot the exact detail about how the man was related to her. Please edit it in if you don’t mind.

My First Day in Sharn

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